Silver Tree VCI Aerosols

VCI Aerosols
VCI aerosols offers VCI coating, VCI sprays and VCI oils in convenient sprayable 400ml can form.
VCI Electro Spray

VCI-870 Electro-Spray provides instant corrosion protection for circuit boards, relays and electrical equipment against aggressive environment. No film build-up or impairment of conductivity or other important properties.


VCI-871 is a light oily liquid that gives off an invisible vapour that protects ferrous metals from rusting or corroding. Use Vappro VCI-871 to protect machine tools, weapons, gear assemblies, automotive parts, engines, machinery parts, hand tools, and other metal products subject to rusting or atmospheric corrosion during storage or shipping.

VCI Electrolube Spray

VCI-873 is a VCI electro-lube aerosol spray specially developed to lubricate, clean and protect electronics and electrical components.VCI-873 does not change critical electrical or mechanical properties of electronic or electrical components.

Smoke Detector Tester

VCI-SDT is fortified with VCI Inhibitor. It is an aerosol spray that provides a full functional test of both residential and commercial smoke detectors.

Non Destructive Tester FD Cleaner/Remover

VCI-NDT FD Cleaner/Remover,is a clear colourless solvent. It is used as a pre-cleaner, a post cleaner and a penetrant remover. It is both economical and gives excellent performance.

Non Destructive FD Penetrant

VCI-NDT FD Penetrant is a solvent removable red colour contrast penetrant. It exhibits outstanding penetrating characteristics which provide for maximum reliability in locating surface flaws.VCI-NDT FD Penetrant is an ideal product to meet the convenience of users in field applications where portability is required.

Non Destructive Tester FD Developer

VCI-NDT FD Developer consists of fast drying white particles which provide an excellent contrasting background for Vappro VCI-NDT FD Penetrant. It is formulated to be low in sulfur and halogens to minimize corrosion. The product conforms to MIL-I-25135E.

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