Rescue Equipment

Strong-GL tolerance is essential to height safety – because our lives depend on it.
Choose Strong Height Safety PPE, because our lives depend on it.

At Strong, we recognize the need for change to improve the safety of those who carry out work in challenging environments. We believe that Strong tolerance is essential to the fall protection and safety industry, simply because our lives depend on it.

Strong has been at the forefront of height safety. Our range of fall arrest, work restraint, abseil and confined space equipment is the result of extensive global research. Our range of multi-impacted tested helmets leads the industrial market for design and innovation. Always attentive to the needs of the industry, we are constantly developing new, innovative and ergonomic products that combine user comfort, precision engineering and strictest safety codes.

Our safety equipment is fast becoming known for advanced protection and best performance whilst representing outstanding value. Under or above ground, the Strong collection gives you supreme protection. Our manufactured PPE balances comfort with rigidity. Strong the advanced force in height safety because Strong tolerance is essential.
Rescue stretcher kit

A lightweight, non-flammable, rescue stretcher specially designed for use in confined spaces with limited access including rescue at height, helicopter & military operations and water rescue. Compact for transport and storage, the stretchercan be rolled to fit into a backpack. When assembled, the stretcher has rigid strength giving excellent support to the casualty. The sled shape helps the stretcher to slide over any rough terrain and flexible to fit all body shapes + sizes.


  • Supplied as a kit including:
  • Transport backpack with straps for pulling the stretchers with casualty.
  • Sling straps for horizontal transport.
  • 10.5mm rope for vertical transport.
  • Four additional holders for transport by a group of rescuers.
Rescue metal stretcher kit

Rescue Metal Stretcher Kit is a robust evacuation and rescue unit designed to rescue/recover a person at height or after different kinds of accidents. It can be towed on many types of substrates, suspended under the helicopter or transferred. It can also be used as an alternative means of transport for heavy equipment.


  • Constructed from stainless steel.
  • Made of two halves which are quickly interlocked and fixed together.
  • Working temperature: -50 to +50 degrees C.
  • Stretcher is supplied as a set consisting of: Metal stretcher, webbing victim straps, special plastic stabilizing board, plastic mesh interior lining.
  • Lifting bridle for helicopter or crane use.
Rescue heli stretcher kit

Designed for a range of emergency situations. Versatile stretcher widely used by helicopter, fire and rescue brigades, military and ambulance services and confined space retrieval. Special narrow design makes it easier to manoeuvre around cabin doors and small spaces, and can be stored conveniently for use in the helicopter or rescue vehicle. Quick and easy to use, the stretcher folds into a compact unit. Unique X design straps across the patient’s body give support and stability.


  • Supplied as a set containing: Metal stretcher, canvas interior, webbing victim straps with quick connect buckles, Lifting webbings for helicopter or crane use.
  • Braking force: less than 10kN.
  • Static strength: not less that 5kN.
  • Max load: 300kg.
Telescopic pole

Lightweight rescue pole, fibreglass construction with isolating section at the hook end. Extend to suit application, maximum 8m. Individual parts of the rod can be locked in any position. Other devices can collaborate with the UDI head.


  • Minimum length: 2m
  • Includes DT-600 hanging hook and DT-800 UDI head adaptor section.
  • The top 1m of the pole has 30kv voltage isolating feature.
  • DT-900 pole extension can be added to increase to 9m (Optional extra).
Controlled rate descender

This controlled rate descender is an evacuation device with which a person fitted in a full arrest harness can descend on their own. The Evac is ideal for self evacuation or recovery of a casualty from tall structures. The descent speed is automatically limited during descent.


  • Use with polyamide kernmantle rope (11mm only).
  • Rope needs to be ordered separately.
  • Descent speed: 0.8m – 1.5m / sec.
  • Minimum load: 20kg.
  • Maximum load:150kg.
  • Recommended maximum lifetime: 6 years.
  • This product is intended for one person use only.
Rescue triangle

Rescue Triangle specifically used for evacuating people from height. Used for rescue purposes only.


  • Minimum length: 2m
  • Includes DT-600 hanging hook and DT-800 UDI head adaptor section.
  • The top 1m of the pole has 30kv voltage isolating feature.
  • DT-900 pole extension can be added to increase to 9m (Optional extra).
Rescue hook for pole

Aluminium construction, with accommodation for gate opener cable, for holding a scaffhook open during a rescue retrieval, or to release/remove the scaffhook as required.


  • Includes UDI adapter bracket so can be mounted to extendable pole.
  • Easy to apply and use.
  • Automatic locking action.
  • Lightweight.
  • AZ-024i Rescue hook includes Rubberized isolation coating over Zinc plated steel.
  • AZ-024 standard Aluminium rescue hook with UDI pin.
Rescue descent kit

The Empire is an evacuation and rescue unit designed to rescue/recover a person at height by descending. The controlled descent device is simple to use and gives a basic rescue system to situations where the victim is reasonably accessible. It can also be used for an effective termporary static line with an integral self rescue ability. Should a fall occur, the rescuer can release the device and control the release of extra rope, allowing the attached victim to slowly lower to the ground.


  • Kit includes; controlled descent device, 11mm escape rope, 50m length, anchor strap, release knife, PVC Storage Pack
  • Escape device is used for lowering only.

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