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Silvo GL Rust Preventive Oils and Antioxidegel

Rust Preventive Oils
It is important to undertake the necessary preventive steps before rust promoting nuclei infiltrate into your metal components. Silvo-GL offers both, film forming and non film forming rust preventive oils.
Silvo-GL Antioxidegel is a ready-to-use petroleum jelly based rust preventive gel. Upon application a tenacious film is created on the machined surface. The vapours released by chemicals create a protective vapour barrier that keeps corrosion promoting agents like moisture and oxygen away. Ideal to use on partly machined large castings received from vendors, fabricated items, welded joints etc
Advantages of SLVCI Rust Preventive Oils over traditional Rust Preventive Oils
Traditional Rust Preventive Oils work on the principle of Contact Inhibition. If the oil film is disturbed in handling, the exposed area catches rust, which subsequently spreads to the areas beneath the oil layer.

SLVCI Rust Preventive oils work on the principle of both Contact and Vapour Corrosion Inhibitions. As a Contact Inhibitor, they form a film on the metal surface, forming an effective barrier between the metal surface and the atmosphere. The SLVCI chemicals blended in the oil release continuous vapours into the air over the oil. In case the oil film is disturbed in handling, the vapours released by the chemicals from the neighboring areas create a vapour barrier, thus protecting the metal surface. The vapours also migrate to the recessed areas of the component, where physical application of oil is not possible.

Silvo-GL also offers a special SLVCI concentrate for oils. Most suitable for use with hydraulic oils, gear oils, lubricating oils and also MTO & kerosene. To be used at 0.25 %to 1.0% concentration.
Special Features
  • Protection to Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals except brass and cadmium
  • Special properties to neutralise acid in the atmosphere or transferred by the finger prints on to the metal surface
  • De-watering properties to de-bond the water from the wet surface of the component
  • Non-hazardous, eco-friendly and environmentally safe
  • Non-toxic and mild fragrance makes it ideal for in-plant use
  • Conforms to IS-1674 specifications
  • Provides protection to Ferrous as well as Non-Ferrous metals
  • Even in adverse conditions of 100% Relative Humidity, the recessed areas of the metal surface are also properly protected
  • Protection from rust during storage, both indoor as well as outdoor
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Protected areas of the component do not require cleaning/degreasing while assembling, thereby saving time and effort
  • Easy to clean using common degreasers if necessary
  • Components when additionally wrapped in SILVERTREE Antioxidepaper can offer longer period of protection

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