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Strong-GL tolerance is essential to height safety – because our lives depend on it.
Choose Strong Height Safety PPE, because our lives depend on it.

At Strong, we recognize the need for change to improve the safety of those who carry out work in challenging environments. We believe that Strong tolerance is essential to the fall protection and safety industry, simply because our lives depend on it.

Strong has been at the forefront of height safety. Our range of fall arrest, work restraint, abseil and confined space equipment is the result of extensive global research. Our range of multi-impacted tested helmets leads the industrial market for design and innovation. Always attentive to the needs of the industry, we are constantly developing new, innovative and ergonomic products that combine user comfort, precision engineering and strictest safety codes.

Our safety equipment is fast becoming known for advanced protection and best performance whilst representing outstanding value. Under or above ground, the Strong collection gives you supreme protection. Our manufactured PPE balances comfort with rigidity. Strong the advanced force in height safety because Strong tolerance is essential.
Temporary sheet metal roof anchor

Simple and effective for roof access onto sheet metal roofs. Fits to edge of the roof sheeting (in the gutter line) with simple cam clamps to hold in place. By attaching a ropeline and throwing the rope to the opposite side of the roof, it means workers can access the roof area and add other fall arrest anchorages on the upper roof area as required.


  • Fall arrest rated for one person.
  • Does not require any fixings.
  • Only suitable for sheet metal roofing with a minimum of 0.42m thickness. Use only on roofing which is sound and well fixed.
  • Essential anchor for an worker that needs to access rooftops such as plumbers, servicing technicians, installers, painters.
Diversionary anchor plate

A safe secure diversionary anchorage point for metal roofing tasks. For use only as a diversionary anchor and total restraint application. The device gives the operator the advantage of 360 degree working area on the roof surface. Not intended as a primary fall arrest anchorage. It can be used on metal clad roofs fixing directly to the metal surface with a minimum of x3 recommended roof screws. (see instruction manual) It can also be used on trim deck roofs.


  • Simple and effective.
  • For diversionary anchorage point.
  • Full fitting and instructions included for installation and use.
Flexible anchor

The TempLink is a temporary roof anchoring device that can be installed onto a metal or tile roof. The TempLink is an extremely useful item for any person wishing to do roof maintenance where there are no permanent safety anchors. Ideal for attaching through existing fixing holes in metal sheet roofing.


  • Multi-directional integral shock absorber designed to absorb energy when a fall is arrested.
  • Requires standard fall arrest PPE setup for attachment (including inline shock absorber to your ropeline or lanyard).
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Requires six fixings of size 14-10 (hex head) roofing screws, each fixing no closer than 100mm apart into solid structure.
  • Compact, portable and lightweight, supplied with carry bag.
  • SafetyLink TempLink is a One Person Anchor and rated for Fall Arrest.
Single direction fixed anchor

A permanent anchor for attachment to concrete or steel. Must be installed by a competent person and certified annually.


  • Single direction.
  • Available in 10mm or 12mm.
  • Only to be installed onto steel or into concrete.
Anchor strap

Webbing sling made from polyester webbing. Lined with a non-slip rubber backing and D rings at each end. The non-slip backing gives security against the anchor sliding or chafing with the friction of movement. The rubber backing also gives the webbing some protection on rough edges.


  • Range of sizes.
  • Suitable for two person anchorage.
  • Includes carabiner.
  • Not suitable to be choked.
Webbing sling

Webbing slings are available in six different lengths. Simple and effective to create an anchor pint when looped around a structural member.


  • Available in 60cm, 80cm, 120cm, 150cm and 200cm lengths.
  • Do not chokehold – loop and carabiner the ends.
  • Each size sling is a different colour for easy recognition.
Rail/Beam anchor clamp

The Zero Alu Rail/Beam Anchor Clamp is fixed on a horizontal steel beam which is a permanent structure. For use on beams with flanges 75mm to maximum 350mm wide. Designed as a temporary portable anchor point, this clamp is to be fixed onto horizontal steel beams which must be mounted permanently to stable structure.


  • Quick connect mechanism fitted in seconds.
  • Protection for one person only.
  • Adjustable to fit beam flanges 75mm to 350mm wide.
  • Can thread onto flanges up to 400mm
High strength anchor loop

High strength anchor loops certified as temporary anchor device EN 795/B and lanyard EN 354. Made by main inside webbing covered by protective webbing sleeve.


  • Various lengths available.
  • Suitable for a choke loop but note strength is reduced.
  • Orange colour of main webbing is a damaging indicator of the outer sleeve.
Precast concrete panel parapet anchor

Designed to provide a single worker with a portable, temporary anchor point on panel walls 60-360mm of thickness. Applications include window washing, construction, emergency and rescue situations. One rubber padded fixed arm and one rubber padded adjustable arm (with multiple pin sets). Tightening to the parapet by use of the screw levers with padded rubber discs.


  • Load of application must be only directly downwards.
  • Suitable for fall arrest system anchor (fall arrest equipment must be worn, including lanyard with shock absorber).
  • Load capacity 140kg.
  • Suitable for use as single abseil anchorage.
  • Rated to 1 person for abseil, 2 persons for fall arrest.
Temporary concrete anchor

Portable and reusable concrete hole anchor with expanding wedge mechanism when force is applied.


  • For 20mm bore hole.
  • Can be used for vertical and overhead applications.
Temporary scaffold clamp

Temporary scaffold clamping device, this unique design grips to both vertical and horizontal scaffold pipes. This gives more opportunity to quickly provide a secure temporary anchor point for a worker to attach onto, given there is normally a secure vertical scaffold pipe available before horizontal bracing is installed.


  • Grips securely, which increases when more force is applied.
  • Pincer action opening.
  • For pipes of diameter 44.5mm to 50mm.
Aluminium anchor for doors / windows
AT061 / AT062

Quick anchor establishment by placing the Zero Door Anchor Beam on the other side of the door to the working area. Internal clamping within the door frame is adjustable to fit various single door widths.


  • Rated fall arrest 1 person.
  • Rated fall restraint 2 person.
  • Rated to 15kN.
  • Supplied with PVC carry bag.

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