Aero is a polymeric soil stabilizer and dust control agent. It functions to reduce and eliminate surface erosion caused by wind and rain. It also serves as a suppressant of nuisance dust generated during the transport of dry material and that created due to dry, windy conditions.

With Research and Innovation as its corner stone Aero has succeeded in scaling up and commercializing complex molecules at a rapid pace. Aero facilities are completely automated with advanced automation techniques applied to ensure quality and safety.

Spectacular growth at INAGL has been made possible solely by Aero commitment to state-of-the-art Manufacturing facilities, and can be used to address the health as well as environmental concerns brought on by fugitive dust release from several places.

International Customer Base

We have an international base of clients in the Middle East, South East Asia & Australia spread across various industry segments like Petrochemical, Lubricants, Chemicals, Adhesives, Oleoresins, Paints and Thinners, Food based industries, PharmaceuticaIs,Ayurvedic ingredients etc.


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